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"It's the kind of place where most people don't care about politics and don't know for whom to vote." Image caption A Citizen Challenge event in La Busserine last month brought in people from across Marseille First-time voters Amal Osman, 18, Mohamed Abdallah, 19, and Sarah Mmadi, 18, are among a couple of dozen activists who went door to door persuading people to register to vote. Today, equipped with props like a mock polling station, they focus on reminding voters in La Busserine (70% abstention at the regional elections) to actually use their ballots. The bright side of France's migrant suburbs Do Muslims vote for the National Front? The 14th, a working-class district, traditionally voted Communist or Socialist but in 2014 voters swung to the far right. Most of the Front's support came from outside the housing estates, among white voters. However it is clear that some Muslims also voted for Stephane Ravier as their mayor despite his party's hard line on Islam and mass immigration , says Richard Ghevontian, a politics expert at Aix Marseille University . Image caption Professor Ghevontian says uncertainty over the election's outcome is unprecedented "[Socialist President Francois] Hollande's policies disappointed many and Marriage For Everyone [the Socialists' same-sex marriage act of 2013, opposed by the National Front] greatly shocked Muslims, who are extremely conservative on social matters," he says, citing opinion surveys. "It was a vote to punish Hollande," says a teacher in La Busserine, who does not want to be identified. The shipyard worker, like nearly every voter I spoke to on the estate, is voting for Mr Melenchon. "He tells the truth and a vote for him is a vote for peace with Muslims," he explains. And three years under Mayor Ravier?

We received a range of answers like deer ticks and shoddy grammar, to bigotry and hate crimes. Darkness, the ninth plague, continues to envelop us, said Yona Shem-Tov , a Jewish communal leader in New York City, comparing darkness to modern misperceptions that obscure our view of people different from us. Erin Leib Smokler , the director of spiritual development at Yeshivat Maharat , likened hail to climate change, locusts to mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus , and killing of a firstborn to the situation in Syria. How can we not think of Syria and the death of so many children through nerve gas or other agents? she asked. They stare at me this Passover. New York Today readers identified the following as plagues: Alzheimers. Drug addiction. Margaret Femia, 70, Hudson, N.H. New building construction. Krista Van Wart, 33, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn Distraction as in distracted driving, walking and talking due to texting. Amy Haas, 62, Merrick, N.Y. The Kardashians. Allison Costine, 44, Gowanus, Brooklyn Elias Kirshner, a fourth grader in New Jersey, said hunger. My favorite foods are pizza and macaroni and cheese, he said. Many kids my age around the world cannot have those foods or any other foods to eat.

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Wills and trusts The first step in estate planning is a will. A 2016 survey by Harris Poll for Rocket Lawyer found that 64% percent of American adults don't have a will . Either they thought they didn't need one or they just never got around to it. This document is where you state who you want to inherit your money and property, among other directions. A will is also where parents can name a guardian to care for their young children. Without a will, whatever assets you owned, such as a summer home, a car or jewelry, will end up in probate court. Even less-expensive items, such as Grandma's knitted shawl, can cause a big headache. Another option is a living trust. A trust transfers assets from your name to your beneficiaries. A living trust goes into effect right away, whereas a will becomes active after your death. End-of-life decisions It is important to communicate with loved ones your exact wishes in the event you are unable to make medical decisions for yourself.

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